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Lockdown Recovery

Visitor Confidence

Giving visitor assurance that your venue is safe while they visit is critical to future business prosperity. Those that do so successfully will accelerate faster out of lockdown than their competitors.

Communication is the Key

Your stadium, mall or venue will no doubt invest in posters and floor labelling, tannoy announcements and email and web based content, in order to guide visitors to follow the thoughtful plans you have put in place to keep them safe. But no matter what you prepare, people will apply their own expectations, ignore or fail to follow instructions, or just get confused about what they should do. It only takes a few bad experiences to undermine the good experiences of the many. The target should be that every one of the people you manage to get to visit becomes an advocate for future visitors to feel confident to do so too.

This is where the Krowd and KrowdedPlace can assist. You can give every visitor a means to directly contact a person that can help. A simple 2 tap selection for the issue they face with immediate automated guidance, backed up by a human response if the automated response fails to address their concern. You can include images and short video clips, pre-prepared or created on the spot. Video makes it personal. You can schedule regular messaged reminders of your new processes and procedures and they can be short video clips or images. Keep it simple, intuitive and accessible to all.

Digital Services to Protect

The Krowd platform has been architected for rapid evolution to meet your needs as you identify areas in which digital communication can assist. Here are some we are already working on:
  • Simple replacement of print media with digital content, such as menus.
    * Your restaurant menu can be added to our app in a matter of minutes.

  • Queue management
    * You will have new queueing mechanisms, and many times the queue length will no longer be accommodatable in the space needed. So use digital to help your visitors queue respectfully and efficiently.

  • Collate continuous polls on how well your newly activated safety processes are actually working. That red amber green happiness tap point at airport security now available in every visitors hands

  • Report the infected?
    * It's a contentious issue, but sometimes knowing you can anonymously report someone who seems to have a temperature or coughing too much, and gaining assurance their concern was followed up, may just be something your visitors would welcome, especially if it’s a member of staff they are concerned about!

  • IoT Integration
    * Many venues have sensory tech built for one purpose that could have so much more value to post-lockdown visitors if it was made accessible.

  • More? Of course, we are adding new capabilities all the time, let us know your needs.

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