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Your Krowd Data Explained

We believe complete transparency on what data we store, or temporarily hold on you, is important to empower you in understanding how we operate and enabling your choice of our service over another. We seek to minimize the data we hold on you both in storage and in live operation. In fact we store almost no data on you at all, focussing on enabling real-time interaction. By minimizing the data we hold we make ourselves less attractive to hackers. This is important as we understand that any consequence of a hack first falls on you our customer and we want to minimize that risk to you. This does not undermine our commitment to secure what little data we do hold.

Data Name Description of How the Data is Used
Unique Customer ID Used to identify you in our application
Last Action Date and Time of your last action in the Krowd
Current Wi-Fi Hot-Spot Identifies the current Wi-Fi hot-spot you are connected to. Used encrypted for comparison purposes with other Krowd users to co-locate you
Settings Your Krowd App settings. Stored encrypted.
Username Your unique Krowd name
Password Password, stored encrypted
E-mail Your email address. Stored encrypted.
Your profile description Your introductory description to other Krowd users. It can include URLS, but remember it is public information visible to any Krowd user.
Your profile picture It's up to you whether to use a selfie or any other image. If you do not provide it, the app will show a circle with the first letter of your username in it.
Your profile emoticon A small icon near your profile picture which indicates your current mood.
Registration date The date you registered your Krowd account
Current Wi-Fi Hot Spot Name the SSID of the Wi-Fi hotspot you are currently connected to, or the last one you were connected to. Stored and used encrypted for comparison purposes only.
Ignore Count The total number of times others in the Krowd have ignored you
Krowdfeed Message Count Count of the number of messages you have made in the Krowdfeed
Private Message Send Counter Total number of personal messages you have sent
Follower Count Total number of your current followers.
Followed Count Total number of how many people you follow.
Router proximity ID An encrypted copy of your current Wi-Fi hotspot router ID used in a proximity algorithm
Krowd Tags The list of hashtagged words you have used in your Krowd messages that can be searched by other Krowd users
Password change token A token to indicate you are changing your password
Password change token expiry timer A password change token management parameter
Personal Message Setting defines whether you want to receive personal messages and in what context
Personal Message Received Counter Number of personal messages you have received
User Blocked Status Used by Krowdthink to suspend a user account in exceptional circumstances.
Current User Operating System The operating system of your phone, iOS, Android etc
Android Notification identifier Received from Google, to enable push notifications to your unique device
iOS Push Notification identifier Received from Apple, to enable push notifications to your unique device
iOS Push pending counter A count of the number of pending push notifications for a user
Last Krowd id Indicates which local Krowd you last participated in
Last activity timestamp indicates when you were last in a Krowd
Follower Index Tracks who is following who
Ignore Index Tracks who is ignoring who
Email_Exchange We keep a record of "with whom (Krowdname)" & "when" emails were exchanged at per both parties request, solely to validate such processing if legally challenged.

Managing Personal Messages

We take a somewhat unique approach to the management of your personal messages, somewhere between Snapchat (as an ephemeral messaging approach) and texting. Unlike Snapchat we do not maintain any history of who you talked with or when.

All personal messages are encrypted before being sent, they are also sent over an encrypted connection to our server and from the server to the recipient.

When you send a personal message to someone you retain a copy on your device. We retain a copy on our message server only until it is successfully delivered. Thus all delivered messages exist only on your device or on the device of the person you corresponded with.

Krowdfeed Group Chat

Messages you broadcast into the Krowdfeed are only stored for a matter of minutes on our servers. This mechanism allows us to update recent joiners to the place-based Krowd conversation. We do not maintain any historic record of Krowd conversations. The only copy of these conversations is on the devices of those that engaged in the placed-based conversations.

Deletion Support

The right to delete is highly empowering and under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes a right. We completely endorse this right and have fully enabled your ability to delete information that pertains to you.

In order to delete personal information from the Krowd app and Krowdthink servers go to Menu > Settings then select ‘Web access to my account’ and login.
Selecting 'Your Account' allows you to:
1.Export all the personal data we hold about you
2.Delete the account and all directly associated information
Selecting 'Your hashtags' allows you to delete any hashtags currently associated with your profile.
These tools give our customers the ability to delete any information we hold on our servers about them.
Within the app there are various delete facilities to remove content stored on the device, such as personal messages or historic Krowd conversations in places.

We do not inhibit use of screenshots (because a 2nd phone can always be used!) as a means to bypass these controls. So, as always, be careful about what you post and how you define the sharing settings. 

We plan to include the ability to regularly (within legal limits) purge deleted information from our backups in the future.

Reporting Inappropriate Content

Any Krowdfeed message can be reported as containing inappropriate content. We keep reported contents and the user information and a timestamp for later investigations. If any one to one messages are inappropriate you can ignore the user, which will block further communication.

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