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Krowd Conversations

Share your interests or questions

Just connect to the Wi-Fi to join the event or place-based Krowd

  • No need to identify yourself – we are all strangers in a crowd.

  • The Krowd conversation is only kept on the phones that have been in the place or event, we keep no record – it’s your business not ours.

  • The Krowd is not tracking or profiling you – we never know where you are and only you have a record of the places you have visited.

  • Legal disclaimer – some governments try to force companies like us to share some records about you, but we don’t see why your conversations in a place or event are anyone’s business but your own, so we don’t keep records. We cannot divulge what we don’t have!

  • More detail about privacy and data we hold.

drop back into the local conversations of places you have visited to see what’s going on from wherever you are

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